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2/12/11 Blogged: Love and Soul, An Interview with Jessica Shepherd by Travel & Soul Editor Erin Reese

Hearts and flowers, warm fuzzies, and happily-ever-afters. Is this the reality of true, soulful love? Or is there perhaps something to be said for the type of relationship that occasionally puts us through the ringer, whether or not the ring is on the finger?

You may know the groundbreaking creativity book, The Artists Way by Julia Cameron…I dare say A Love Alchemists Notebook is THE Artists Way for love, relationship, and romance, with a complete creativity system to attract love into ones life. The alchemical principles are timeless, and the exercises within WORK. Read more.


2/12/11 Ottawa Citizen Newspaper (CANADA): Baked with love

The Happy Baker Erin Bolger and Love Alchemist Jessica Shepherd cast a spell by mixing love magic with food.

The kitchen is a magical place where passions ignite and anything is possible. But is it magically possible to mix a little more love into the batter to draw romance toward us? To find out, I phoned my friend and expert on love, Jessica Shepherd, author of A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets For Drawing True Love Into Your Life… Read more.


1/30/11 Blogged: From’s Maria DeSimone

My Venus has fallen…and she can’t get up. (Then) I met a book that reminded me how powerful my tragic, battered Venus really is. A book that has me riveted because, in less than a week it’s helped me restore the power inside of my Venus. It’s reminded me that she’s brave and one day, she’ll have the courage to love again. If your Venus is broken…or you think it is, I can’t recommend this book enough. Read more here.


1/21/11 Blogged: The Diva Digest

Oh Jessi, you vivacious minx! How lucky can we get to have a hot red-headed astrologist who is married and living a (presumably) happy life out on the Bay to tell us how to draw love into our lives? Usually it’s old women who have never had a lover and live alone with their cat in Nebraska. Those who cannot do, teach, but not in this case! This book is such a fun mix of anecdotes and quips that you can easily overlook the fact that it his positively filled with wisdom, both inherent and scientifically based. Read the full blog right here.


1/5/11 Blogged: In Loving Response-ability

Jennifer says, I was stunned a few months ago. In reading Jessica Shepherd’s book A Love Alchemist’s Notebook (a book I highly recommend and pick up almost every night for a refresher on love), she spelled (pardon the pun) it out for me. Responsibility = the ability to respond. Duh. No kidding, why hadn’t I noticed it before?…Read more here.


12/3/10 Interview with Matt Currie on Blog Talk Radio

You can listen to the archive of Jessica Shepherd on Matt Currie’s Conquer the Universe with Astrology right here.


11/14/10 Love Alchemy Lecture Vienna, Austria

Jessica gave a lecture on love alchemy, and finding your soul mate at the St. Charles Satisfaction Center. Fifty Viennese women came – a record turnout for the love alchemist!


Love Alchemist Book Trailer: How to Be A Love Alchemist

Watch this fun book trailer for A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets for Drawing Your True Love Into Your Life.


10/28/10 Radio Interview: Intuitive Soul Radio

Listen & Learn. Listen to the archived interview with Laurie Huston of Intuitive Soul Radio; learn about the magic of number 9, the 9 soul mate secrets, Venus magic and the difference between a soul mate and a karmic mate.


Book Review: Weave Some Magic Into Your Life,

If you’re looking for love in what seems to be all the wrong places, have no fear because help is here. Astrology goddess Jessica Shepherd of Moonkissd wrote A Love Alchemist’s Notebookread more.


Article: Love Alchemy: Using Astrology for True Love in 2010

From the Llewellyn Journal: Once upon a time, astrology was tethered to magic. Today, for mysterious reasons, what was once one has become two. This perfect pair need no longer remain divided. By using astro-magical enchantments in the service of true love, we can take our enchanting powers up a notch, and marry magic to astrology again. Read, Love Alchemy: Using Astrology for True Love in 2010.


9/5/10: Book Reading, Signing & Workshop @ Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, CA

At Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, CA. Free Book talk at Noon, to be followed by Love Alchemy workshop at 2 PM.


5/6/10: A Love Alchemist’s Interview with

When it comes to practitioners who are technically savvy, astrology has a pretty deep bench. But few astrologers combine technical know-how with strong, compelling writing, and fewer still do it with as much heart, enthusiasm, and panache as my friend Jessica Shepherd. Read A Love Alchemist’s Interview Parts 1 and 2 right here.


5/4/10 Book Review:

Excerpt: Jessica’s voice is personal, reassuring and light-hearted. She writes for the men and women who have been through the mill of love and are ready to find ‘The One.’ Book Review: A Love Alchemists Notebook.


What’s My Venus Sign?: Exclusive excerpt on Sasstrology

Exclusively featured on, find out what your Venus sign says about you.
The Magnetism, Charm and Attractive Power of Your Venus Sign


7/29/10 Lecture: Using the Magic of Astrology to Draw True Love, SFAS

To the ancients, the astrologer was more than a seer but a magician capable of divinely wooing the stars and planets to do one’s bidding- or at least court one’s intended. Learn about astrology, love and magic on 7/29/20, Ft. Mason Building, 7:30 PM. Details :San Francisco Astrological Society


5/8/10 Book Launch PARTY!: Book Passages Corte Madera

NEW DATE! You’re invited to my book launch party at Book Passages on Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 7PM. I am so excited to celebrate with you!


7/1/10 Book Talk: Gateways Books, Santa Cruz, CA

Live in (or love) Santa Cruz? Come to A Love Alchemist’s Notebook Book Talk & signing at Gateways Books in Santa Cruz on the evening of Thursday, July 1, 2010 @ 7 PM.


3/3/10 Book Review:

Excerpt: A welcome antidote for the silliness of The Secret and a good introduction to the principles of manifestation…starting with the one thing that millions of women yearn for. Recommended reading: A Love Alchemists Notebook.


March/April 2010 Book Review: New Age Retailer Magazine

Excerpt: This unique (and valuable) slant on attracting love comes packaged with a young and fun cover that will help attract the attention this book deserves. A perfect product for spring. Click here to read full review: opens as PDF in new window.


2/11/10 Book Review: UCSF Synapse Newspaper

Excerpt: This wise relationship counselor and teacher reveals Nine Soul Mate Secrets to help the average schmuck create and maintain love. Looking For Love With A Love Alchemist’s Notebook


2/14/10 Book Review: New Jersey Star Ledger/

Excerpt: Staying positive, being good and nurturing to yourself, and making sure your heart is healed from whatever sabotage or grief it suffered in the past seems like a good place to start when you’re looking for love, whether it’s your magical soul mate or not. Book reviews: The course of true love never did run smoothly


2/13/10 T.V. Appearance: Watch Jessica Shepherd’s Live TV Interview On Bay Area’s KRON 4

How fun! My first time on T.V. folks! Click here to watch the interview.


2/8/10 A STARRED REVIEW from Publisher’s Weekly!

Not every book receives the honor of being reviewed by PW, and apparently RED STARRED reviews are few and far between. That’s why I’m over the moon thrilled with this fantastic praise! Astrologist-blogger Shepherd (of Venus and Beyond: Love on the Outer Planets) offers a welcome oasis for those who feel stranded by lower-your-expectations dating guides (see He’s Just Not That Into You). Rather than focus on pitfalls, Shepherd prescribes a “cosmic love adventure”…click here to read the full Publisher’s Weekly review.


2/13/10 & 2/14/10 Book Talk & Workshop : East West Books, Mountain View, CA

@ East West Books in Mountain View, CA. Book Talk 2/13, 7:30 PM. Workshop 2/14, 1-3:30 PM.


Interview: Constellation Magazine Interviews “Love Alchemist” Jessica Shepherd

Sex & Soul Mates Column: The Love Alchemist. An Interview With Our Own Jessica Shepherd. By Sherene Schostak. Aquarius/Pisces Issue. Click here to read the article! (PDF file – opens in a new window)


1/29/10: Oakland Tribune V-Day Story Features A Love Alchemist

Excerpt: A few weeks ago I stumbled across a book released suspiciously close to Feb. 14 called “A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets for Drawing Your True Love Into Your Life…Read Night Owl: What to do and where to go on Valentine’s Day, Single or coupled, Cupid can be your friend.


7/29/10: San Francisco Astrological Society Love Alchemy Lecture

Join the San Francisco Astrological Society on July 29, 2010 for Jessica’s lecture, “Love Alchemy: Use the Magic of Astrology to Draw Your True Love to You.” Read more


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“A Love Alchemist’s Notebook” is now available! Revisit this page for updates about news, reviews, and upcoming events. In the meantime, read about the book and Jessica Shepherd; browse some of Jessica’s articles; and find out how to get a love reading with Jessica!

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