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Love Readings

Looking for True Love Personal Reading

Looking at your birth chart primarily through the Moon's Nodes, Venus, and the Arc of Intimacy (the Fourth thru Eighth Houses) we explore the karmic themes you experience with others, how to meet your essential relationship needs, and identify your unique deal breakers - those 'must-haves' that you require for committed intimacy. By expanding your awareness of who you're looking for, get ready for the imminent arrival of new love. Click here for details...


Looking For True Love Personal Reading Part 2

Gloria Steinem said, ‘There are many more people trying to meet the right person than to become the right person.’ Looking at transits and progressions to your natal chart, we'll identify the energy influencing your relationships today. We'll learn to recognize partners who resemble the high and low signatures of this energy. As astrology says 'to everything there is a season', we'll examine time frames for: significant relationship endings, changes, and new beginnings for love. Click here for details...


How We Fit Together: Couples Synastry

Relationships can be puzzling. This compatibility reading suggests those areas where we can fit perfectly together like nesting shells, and areas in which we're still trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle. Bring your partner for illuminating mutual awareness & deepened intimacy. Click here for details...



Astrology Counseling-Mentoring

Have you ever wanted an astrologer in your pocket? Are you currently in a period of intense change? This series of one-on-one mentoring sessions is designed for those with a desire to learn astrology, and who want to navigate longer-term periods of transformative change in the context of a supportive relationship. Absolutely my favorite format for readings!  Click here for details...



Couples Relationship Reading: The Composite Chart

Once you've found The One and you've committed to being together, a third chart is born. It's your relationship's 'love-child! Discover how to care for and feed your loving union's love-child through exploring your relationship's spiritual purpose (Sun), non-negotiable happiness needs (Moon), style of walking in the world, together (Ascendant or Rising Sign)...and much, much more. Fun and useful, you'll learn how to more deeply care for, support & nourish your partnership. Click here for details...


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